Windy Challenge and behold the truth in all kinds Open and explore the doors it's worth-while Speak out if the source demands in all kinds Call out here and now some day they will go with the stream Windy the day, windy by night, no more delight Windy on hills, windy on fields, turning to see For the word of the sun like a message sent in fun may conceal some hints to the truth of eternity unrestrained and free Bridges leading over gaps to dead ends Voices may retain a word by silence Redeem all suspicion and truths (perhaps) deliver their core Windy the day, windy the night no more delight Windy the chance, windy the trial getting a sign in your life - alone Windy on hills, windy in fields turning to see For the truth like a song like the music plays along gonna fly in time gonna fly in your ears and souls gonna fly so high