FIREWALL The dream is over, the final countdown starts the four horsemen, they are on their way just like this shuttle with tanks run out of fuel an era‘s passing so proud and so bold this dream has rather turned to a nightmare now come on, come on wake up, before it‘s too late Americans, where are you going now from here do you lose control? are you too blind to see the dream is over and the time is running out now. is what you need a miracle to overcome this state of paralysis the central park no – place to stay and Liberty is full of fear there is no ranger – to protect the green old lady from jeopardy do you need a firewall to hold on just to pay your dues
you better start to realize how it all went down the drain into a trap now Do you see a game is lost and over you should improve your constitution the golden gate bridge ‘cross the Bay more rust than gold – but still high the Willis Tower – tall to look from when will it stumble for lack of care from Ground Zero it’s plain to see that today’s frontier is not far away. Are you too blind to see the game is over Take a helping hand it breaks my heart to see the dream is over we used to cling to, yeah. do you need a trillion dollar firewall just to pay your dues … There must be ways to overcome this nightmare and regain control. It‘s paradise if we would only recognize how to save us from a breakdown