EARTH IN THE DARK Will we go beyond the limit in this age of fear or is it just another step mankind has to clear. Power from nukes and some waste packed in tubes in the rear. Oil on the beach and the rest of ozone on the air - sun shine! Menace of war in all parts of the world rich and poor. Industrial growth - ,,do or die" tell the lords, keep on buying, our system's dying! Can we just survive without quality of life, is the open space the last chance of the race. Must we seek in the far an earth-like star and leave mother earth in the dark. Long-term count-down for terrestrial evacuation activated. Maximum allowable atmospheric concentrations will be exceeded on September 1 Make your preparations according to plan NOARK 89. Receive numeral count-down on channel B. Are we a tool in a plan that we just can't conceive - sun shine! Do all our needs urge us on to a deep hidden goal. Stand by, each man, the machinery has to go on - follow on! From zero to big bang, from the ape to superman. From race to hyperrace who dissolve in the haze. From time to time a flash cuts the line and the game can begin once again.