TIME TO GO We once were in love - now we're poles apart. Yes we had our ups and downs - and it was all in vain. It had begun so promising - revival, a new start. Now I am recalling - how good times turned to an endless mill. Sometimes I felt in heaven - yes you had your moments. I felt lost without you - give me one more night. And you could trust a fellow - who gave you all his free time. But you don't forgive - what you could not understand. Yes I have to go, but I'd rather wanna hold your hand. I understand it clear, nothing I can do about. Can almost feel your tears, you shed in the night, don't go. I understand your pain. We don't believe inside, that there can be one more chance. You're not the only one, for your love I won't waste more time. We lost our hope forever, I need my apartment. Have no time for choosing, who has won the fight? We live at the edge of falling - into endless despair. All things are packed, ready, to go the one-way ride. Yes, I have to go - don't hold me, release your ties. Oh understand me please, we don't live in harmony. If all we're living for, is completely different now. I understand you, too. You were really one - how long can I hold your hand. Can almost feel your tears, that you shed in the night. (one, two, three, four, counting sheep, counting sheep, one, two, three, four, till I sleep, till I sleep) Don't get lost, just close your eyes, You can pour out your heart. Floating every moment, there's no need to go on. The moving's coming one by one, no need to do more. Be cooler now, stay tough, recover, until you're feeling it's time! Yes it's time to go, there's no way to keep it out. We understand the need - how can you hold my hand. You know what you're living for, we never can live as one. But I love you still. Please understand, my dear, I'm not lost in my heartache mind. I still believe in love, when you are no more around